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Best Motivational Quotes for Girls

Best Motivational Quotes for Girls
First Love Never Dies,
Great Love Never Forges,
True Love Never Fades,
Self-Love Never Breaks You..

If You Only Focus 
On Your Problems, 
That's All You'll Ever See.

Self Love is The Greatest Medicine.

Be Stronger 
Than Your Strongest Excuse.

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A Queen Will Always
Turn Pain Into Power.

Status - Single
Heart - Broken
Mind - Searching Peace
Life - Still Has Hope.

Don't Tell People 
Your Plans.
Show Them Your Results.

Being Independent is 
The Best Feeling In The World.

I Don't Need A Prince
To Be A Princess
When I'm The Daughter Of A King.

Being Alone is Better Than
Being With Fake People.

Of Course I Changed 
I Realized That 
I Deserve So Much Better.

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Never Change To Be
Accepted By Others.
Stay Wierd.

The Best Outfit is Self Respect.
Don't Lose it.

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Nothing Is Stronger Than A Person
With A Broken Heart,
And A Smiling Face.

Beautiful quotes for girls
Faking A Smile is So Much 
Easier Than Explaining Why You're Sad.

Funny status for girls

Funny status for girls
At My Age
Some People Have Kids
But Here I'm Still Behave Like A Kid.

I'm A Type Of Person
Who Turns On Tv And Sits With Mobile
Keep Using On Mobile And
Not Watching The TV.